Sunday, October 30, 2011



Life is to sing on,
Touch on,
Share on,
Carry on,

Death is dark,
It is End,
It is Must!
I saw.
Some shadows making
Lives dark like death
A black hole of drugs
A Golden Triangle like Bermuda Triangle

A triangle
Where time stops
Where death crops
Where every thing changes
Where nothing remains

O’ look at our youth
Going in this black hole
Spoiling their lives in dark
In Bermuda triangle of drugs
They still live but are dead
They are dead but still live.

Hay! Come see & join US
We have to stop them
Otherwise time will stop there
We have to save them
Otherwise death will crop there.

Let us!
Lit a candle of hope & knowledge
and only
Together we can,
Together we must!

Otherwise nothing will remain here
Neither our youth, Nor our country

Uzma Kiran
18 May 2000.


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